Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

Our Commitment


Steel River is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, and the public.  At Steel River, “our success is based on zero-incidents”. As many of our operations are high risk, we know that working safely is the key to the protection of our workers, the environment, and the sustainability of our business.


We care about our workers and respect their right to work in a safe and healthy work environment that is conducive to their physical, physiological, and social well-being. Steel River celebrates our diverse workforce and believes that diversity is an integral part of our history, culture, and identity. We acknowledge that our people are our greatest asset and we are committed to everyone going home safely at the end of each working shift.


Steel River acknowledges that an effective health and safety culture is a shared responsibility. We expect our employees and contractors to be safety leaders and exhibit a commitment to their own safety as well as the safety of those working around them.




Steel River Solution continuously strives to deliver to our clients outstanding Quality in our projects and services. In our endeavor to achieve this objective, we;


  • Continuously educate and train our project teams.
  • Maintain & improve standards in pipeline construction and integrity work.
  • Streamline our quality processes to ensure value for the client.
  • Establish a “Total Quality” framework to continually improve the Quality Management System.
  • Execute challenging Quality objectives.
  • Record, control, and audit project quality checkpoints to ensure compliance with the program.
  • Prevent defect from occurring by implementing feedback loops to ensure Quality issues are corrected.


We communicate and work relentlessly with our clients to deliver on their quality expectations. This has enabled us to deliver above industry average results in welding, coating, and project delivery schedules. 


Health & Safety


We believe our journey to a zero-incident work environment is supported by our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation.  We empower our employees and contractors to actively engage in the development and implementation of innovative safety ideas that will enhance our health and safety management system, improve safety performance, and help us achieve our safety goal of a zero-incident workplace.




Steel River has a strong sense of responsibility to protect the land and people of our communities. This sense of responsibility drives us to put environmental protection and stewardship at the forefront of every Steel River project and operation.


By closely aligning ourselves with local Indigenous communities, we have found that although the forests, animals, and water do not have a voice, our communities do, and we are listening. Listening to learn, understand, and act.


Steel River is committed to protecting the environment throughout the complete life-cycle of our projects. As projects are being executed within the ecosystems of environmentally sensitive areas, we strive to conduct our work in an environmentally responsible manner by way of sustainable construction practices and innovative technologies or processes.