Steel River-Backwoods Partnership

Steel River & Backwoods Energy Services Partnership

About Backwoods Energy Services


Backwoods Energy Services is 70% owned by the Alexis Nakota Sioux nation (“ANSN”) and 30% owned by Steel River Group. Since the acquisition in 2015, Backwoods has grown to be the largest community-owned Indigenous company in Northwest Alberta.


About the Partnership


Steel River Solutions and Backwoods Energy Services have worked collaboratively on major initiatives to achieve clear and distinctive goals for their stakeholders. To ensure that Backwoods can continue to positively impact the ANSN community and advance business, Steel River Solutions and Backwoods entered a Strategic Alliance to execute major integrity dig programs.


The Strategic Alliance between Steel River Solutions and Backwoods is an advanced solution that not only meets the needs of all stakeholders, but as importantly does so in a fashion that is efficient, well-organized, and easily managed.


The partnership demonstrates the ability to maximize the strength of both entity’s exclusive resources to achieve the desired outcome for our valued clients. A successful process begins by ensuring the principals of both companies are invested with our clients at the beginning to set the context and provide clarity. This partnership ensures that our clients can fulfill its obligations by:


Engaging the highest quality people
De-risking projects to an acceptable level
Ensuring price, schedule, quality, and safety
Ensure project certainty
Full lifecycle and turn-key solutions
Continue to support and develop Indigenous communities and people.