Pipeline Construction

Steel River brings a broad range of experience, expertise, and passion to deliver quality and meaningful construction projects. No matter the project’s size or location, Steel River Solutions delivers the same level of dedication and a distinctive long-term outlook to each job.


Our proven pipeline experience reaches across the country implementing a unique and tested approach to infrastructure development.  Steel River Solutions focuses on early engagement with community partners and stakeholders coupled with skilled project management to minimize delays and cost overruns.


Our “one team” approach helps us achieve our goals. We view your success as our success and draw on additional partners within the Steel River Ecosystem to ensure every project receives the highest quality of service. 


• Mainline Pipeline Installation


• Integrity Digs


• Mainline Valve Installation


• Civil & Earthworks Construction


• Pipe Section Replacements


• Above-ground Piping Installation


• Hydrostatic Testing


• Construction and Installation of Gathering Lines


• Geotechnical Analysis


• Managing Trenchless Crossing Programs


• Supporting Pipe Makeup and Handling